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This is a cattle call for creative individuals who may be interested in becoming part of the production team for my current project “Reaper”. 

For those interested be sure to check out the submissions section.


Current Project



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About Me


Hi, my name is Markus Harrison.  I am a writer and artist.  This is my personal website.  I have been writing stories and drawing storyboards in the comic book / graphic novel format as a hobby for a number of years, and now feel ready to make inroads professionally into the industry proper.  My first foray in this effort is “Reaper”.


The story “Reaper” currently in production is intended to be a graphic novel spanning some 132 plus pages in length upon completion, although it has also been designed so that it may be broken up and appear as a number of issues in a maxi-series, or even as 6-8 page installments within a comic book anthology.


If you are a writer or artist interested in writing or drawing stories in the comic book / graphic novel format and think an association with me for this purpose could be beneficial to you I would like to hear from you.  If you are an established writer or artists please use my contact information to send me an introductory letter and copies of some of your recently published work.  Also please include details about what kind of working relationship you are looking for.  If you are not an established talent please follow the Submissions Process I have detailed below for working with me on “Reaper” or possibly another project of some 6-8 pages in length.



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Submissions Process


The purpose of this submissions process is to fill the production team for my project “Reaper”.  The story “Reaper” details a young man’s supernatural experience with the angel of death.  (That does not mean that if inspired I will not consider taking on another project.)  As a member of this team you will have the choice of receiving direct compensation for the work that you do or a percentage of the profit after publication.  Or possibly some mix thereof.  As a member of this team you will be charged with working under deadlines, plus maintaining the standard that I have already set creatively, or supersede it. 




You may either draft a script from the story bible and plot that I have provide a script from a story of your own.  The plot I have provided is for an 8-page script.  If you should choose to submit a script of your own it should be no less than 8 pages.  More than 8 pages will also be acceptable.  The story should be in comic book format and represent a complete scene if not a complete story.  As a writer for “Reaper” you will be charged, at least initially, with scripting scenes from outlines at least 8-pages in length.  Most of all what I want to see from you story is your creativity and style.  Should you choose to take on this endeavor, happy scripting! 

Scripts received by June 1, 2013 may be eligible for publication in a special Halloween comic.


Story Bible






Currently artists may provide copies of 6 pages of art (preferably sequential art, but not necessarily) to fulfill the submission requirement.  At present I do not have a completed script or layout to provide for this purpose, although this shouldn’t be too long in coming.  If you choose though you can draw from the information I have provided in the “writers” section above for generating your layouts, pencils and finished art.  Most of all I want to see your creativity and style.  So let it shine!

Art received by June 1, 2013 may be eligible for publication in a special Halloween comic.




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Contact Me


Send your submissions to me, MARKUS HARRISON, at






All submissions will receive a prompt response.  If your style meshes with mine I will follow up with my phone number so that we may discuss things further.  Thank you very much for your interest.




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