Learning and Instruction through Game Play




We deliver life lessons, entrepreneurship perspective, and distinctions of higher learning through board game and video game play.











Roughly every 2-weeks we get together for a game party!   Game parties are where participants come together to learn

and have fun through board game play. 



Next Scheduled Game Party


Saturday January 28, 2012

6:00 pm – 10:00 pm



Featuring the cooperative game

By popular demand!

Shadows Over Camelot



As a Knight amongst peers of the Round Table it is your mission to prevent

the progression of evil from overtaking the realm,

but beware there may be a traitor in your midst.



We have selected this game for its learning potential

in cooperation and group dynamics.



If you would like to attend this event or have any other inquiry you may contact


Keith Fehlberg

Game Guru

(510) 692-2835


He is prepared to answer questions and perform registrations. 

He’d love to hear from you!




There will be a meet and greet session and refreshments served.

A $5.00 minimum donation will be requested plus your feedback at the end of the session.



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Business Simulations is a 16-week program where participants play a number of games that take them through various

business scenarios focused on company start-up, management activities, and leadership. 



This section is still under construction.




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We are looking for people who can help us deliver and/or develop our programs. 



This section is still under construction.




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Markus Harrison Bio


Markus Harrison has studied varied aspects of business administration over the years including marketing and sales, project management

 and business development, has provided microcomputer consulting and support services as an independent contractor in the bay area

 to the consumer and small business market: as a partner in Access Computer Designs from 1990-1998, and as the proprietor

 of Technical Connections from 1998-2006; and performed as a manager for the Bread Workshop in Berkeley, CA from 2006-2010.  


This latest venture of his, the BP Game Club, is using games as the platform for simulating business situations, and also life situations,

thereby exposing people to the distinctions and concepts of higher learning while providing a fun medium for self-improvement.


Personal Note:


“As time progressed I wanted to do more than work on machines or develop systems for business, but do something that truly

benefited the people I worked with directly.  Thus educating others through the use of games has become a passion of mine.”


“I think games can be a great way of introducing people not only to higher learning, but for use in their personal development. 

That is why I founded the BP Game Club.”



Business Planning and Development








Keith Fehlberg Bio


Keith Fehlberg has worked for over 20 years in the high-tech industry as a tech-support specialist, trainer and courseware developer.

 He has been a trainer and a developer at Safeway Backstage Division in Walnut Creek, Duty Free Shoppers LLC in San Francisco,

Siebel Systems Inc. in Emeryville, Wink Communications in Alameda and High-Tech TV in San Francisco.  He has also been

a tech-support specialist at Hughes LAN Systems in Mountain View, Safeway Backstage Division and Duty Free Shoppers.


What excites Keith the most about the BP Game Club is the opportunity to interact with others as they learn life and business skills

through the fun and interactive medium of game play.


Personal Note:


“During my career in the computer industry what I found most exciting was finding ways to inspire learning in others. 

Seeing the light bulb go off in someone’s head when they grasped a new way of doing something has always been a kick for me.”


“I look forward to seeing you at the BP Game Club.  I also look forward to sharing your excitement and enthusiasm as you learn

new and valuable skills in this fun and engaging way.”



Enrollment and Registration

Game Facilitation








BP Game Club

















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